Finding A Responsible Breeder

Finding the breeder for you takes time and patience. You may find these websites helpful in your search for your special Doberman.

The DPCA website has a breeder referral list at: DPCA Breeder Referral

You can also peruse Dobequest, an online Doberman database: Dobequest

Other great sites are: DPCA Public Education and DPCA Breeder/Exhibitor Education On both of these DPCA sites you will find a WEALTH of information about Dobermans and how to evaluate a responsible breeder.

Buying a Doberman

Considerations when Buying a Doberman

What is a Good Breeder

Are You A Breeder Or Do You Just Breed Dogs?

Breeders – Good And Bad

Please also consider adopting a Doberman from a reputable rescue.  Visit the DPCA rescue site.

Puppy Buyer Etiquette – A MUST READ