Required and Recommended Supplies

I present a list of required supplies that you will need to post ears.  In addition, I also list other items that I use/have used and recommend. You do not need to purchase the items via the link I provide, you can procure from your favorite business.


Having the right supplies ensures successful ear posting. Investing the time, energy, and patience into posting their ears will yield a lifetime of beauty and health for your Doberman.

Backer rod To make the ear posts. You will need ½” and 5/8”
Zonas tape 1” Wrap around the base of the ear, and make the bridge. You will need 3-4 rolls
Covidien tape 1” Backtape around the post. You will need 5-6 rolls
Gauztex tape 1” Wrap around the ear to secure the post. You will need 5-6 rolls
Duck tape To stiffen up the backer rod and also secure the zip ties
Zip ties To stiffen up the backer rod as needed
Gold bond powder For fold of ear as well as ear canal
Ear cleaner Cleanse the ear in between tapings and part of routine grooming and care
QTips and Cotton Balls To cleanse the ears
Scissors (straight) Small scissors for cutting tape off ears
Scissors (curved) Small scissors for cutting tape off ears
Tincture of Benzoin Swab on the ears before wrapping if irritation is noticed. It protects the skin and also makes the ear tacky so that the post adheres better.


Your dog’s oral health is of paramount importance. Under normal circumstances, there is no reason to ever have to take your dog into the vet for an oral cleaning under anesthesia. Keeping up on your dog’s oral health should be part of your daily/weekly routine. When you Dremel their nails (at least once to twice a week), check their teeth. Scrape off any tartar and brush their teeth. If you can get into the habit of brushing their teeth every day/a few times a week… EVEN BETTER! It only takes a minute or two and will keep their mouth clean, healthy, and fresh smelling. Bacteria that enters their system via the mouth can cause long term health issues, so brush those teeth!

Toothpaste Make your own or something similar to this:
Toothbrush Long brush style
Toothbrush Finger style brush
Tooth scraper kit Keep up on their teeth for their entire life
Dental additive for water This works really well to keep teeth clean
Bones In addition to providing a constructive activity for your dog, proper bones also contribute to oral health. Ostrich bones are soft enough to not break teeth. Himalayan Yak bones are also good. As are bully sticks.


These are supplements I use

Vitamin C powder For ligament support and overall immune boosting
NuVet Plus K-9 Wafers A great all around supplement
Probiotic Many to choose from. I advise that you switch up the products you use. This is a great one to start with
Psyllium Husk Powder Firms up loose stools
CoQ10 Heart health.  100 mg starting at 1 year of age (or you can do 60 mg twice a day)


These are products I use

Dremel for toenails Adjustable speed (more than just off/low/high)
Brush Coat care with a curey brush. These work great for removing dead hair
Body poof Bath time. Put/lather shampoo on the poof NEVER on the dog.


Below are some helpful videos

Backer rod ear posting with solid bridge This is pretty close to what I recommend. I do not wrap the ears with Zonas. I recommend Gauztex or Guardtex for around the ears
Zip-tie method ear posting Can use this after bases of ears are standing correctly, and shaped by using backer rod method
Spay/Neuter Dr. Becker: The Truth About Spaying and Neutering
Vaccines The truth about vaccines
Vaccines Are Vaccines Necessary for Pets?

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Washable Pee Pads Optional item as a puppy
Toys Buddy Bone Jack is a great toy even without the disc inserts
Martingale collar When, not IF, but WHEN your pup gets spooked by something they cannot back out of a properly adjusted martingale collar – you cannot get a flat buckle collar tight enough to keep your puppy from backing out of it and getting loose and possibly lost or injured. It’s the safest collar to use until your dog is fully trained.
NO rawhides Do not give your dog rawhides